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Advanced Taekwondo for Children

Advanced taekwondo in Brampton
Martial arts Program for children 7-12 years old

If you are looking for an advanced martial arts program in Brampton for your kids, STA is the right choice. The children’s Advanced Taekwondo Program is taught by Masters in Taekwondo with many years of teaching experience and an edge in instilling desire to excel.

Sport Taekwondo Academy is affiliated with the World Taekwondo Federation and the Ontario Taekwondo Federation; in being so, we believe in having high standards for our programs and for our students.

Our martial arts programs are focused on:

  • Progressing to a level of Black Belt Excellency;
  • Developing increased cardio, strength and flexibility;
  • Providing opportunities for competition/tournaments;
  • Developing a sense of focus and commitment that will help children to be more resilient to challenges;
  • Developing teamwork skills in our competitive classes;
  • Fostering increased self-discipline with higher belt ranks;
  • Stimulating increased self-esteem/confidence that comes with achievement.


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