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Beginner Taekwondo in Brampton

Beginner Taekwondo Program for children ages 6-12

Sport Taekwondo Academy provides more than just martial arts training. STA is a
Dojo where your child will improve in almost all areas of his or her life.

Our martial arts programs are structured to improve fitness focus and attention. By releasing
energy in a focused way your child will learn to develop self-control, respect and

Taekwondo is great for kids
Our experienced instructors have been teaching martial arts programs to all ages
and levels of ability. As proud members of the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo
Federation in Korea, Sport Taekwondo Academy is dedicated to helping children
achieve their martial arts and personal goals.

Our Taekwondo and fitness programs help:

  • Children to overcome Shyness and develop confidence
  • Hyperactive kids to redirect their energy and focus in a consistent way
  • Learn essential self defense skills
  • Develop social and emotional intelligence through social interaction which includes dealing with peer pressure appropriately
  • ADD and AHDH children to channel their attention and concentrate adequately

Free Trial Class for your child Give your child the opportunity of a free class and you’ll see how it can positively impact his life.